Work On Your Project at Our Local Quad Cities Facility

Ask about our event rental space in Davenport, IA

Many would-be woodworkers struggle to complete their projects. What's holding them back? They lack the space or tools they need to succeed. That's where Sound Foundation Woodworking Academy comes in. When class isn't in session, our event space in Davenport, IA is available to rent for projects of all types.

Ready to start working on your woodworking project? Call 309-351-3213 now to reserve our event rental space.

Why choose our event rental space?

If you need more space to complete your woodworking project, reach out to Sound Foundation Woodworking Academy today for an event rental space. For just $50 an hour, you can:

  • Gain access to our local studio
  • Use our cutting-edge woodworking machinery
  • Get tips from our specialized woodworking staff

Want more information about the perks of working in our event space? Contact Sound Foundation Woodworking Academy today to discuss your project with a member of our team.